Why do Audience for your Blog are Important !

Dear Friends !

Your blog might exist but not in the minds of any other people but yourself. You need an audience – and you write your posts for that audience. Keep that in mind.

Some bloggers think blogging is about writing what the want to write about. And, sure you can do that. But if you want an audience, a successful blog , you have to think about your audience first – and all the time actually:

  • what would they want to read
  • where can you find them
  • how can you make them aware of your blog
  • what can you sell to them…

So Friends ! Start your Blog ( May be Micro Blogging like Facebook , Twitter etc) and also find suitable audience for your blog . Have Lots of Qualitative  Fun …

Wonderful way to Donate ….

Nearly a century ago when floods ravaged Kerala, Mahatma Gandhi had termed the misery of the people as “unimaginable” and stepped in to mobilise over ₹6,000 to help them

Many had skipped a meal daily or given up milk to find money to contribute to relief fund mobilised by Gandhi

Source : The Hindu

Opinion : may we realise the importance of self made money even to give  others .

Mobocracy on Finger Tips ….

Data and facts, once so carefully mined, evaluated and presented by experts, can now come, unchecked, from anyone. And since mobocracy demands that the mob be placed above all else, there is simultaneously a debunking of traditional sources of information — institutions, scholars, journalists, media houses.

The electronic age made acquiring and dispensing information really easy: books, reports, maps, data and facts are just a keyboard click away. Knowledge has been democratised to an unprecedented degree.

The attempt to simplify everything to the point of infantilism is a peculiar disease of our times, and comes hand in hand with the deep suspicion of intellect and learning that we now see everywhere

Source ; The Hindu

My Opinion : We need to be careful while accepting Data and Information from unauthorised sources



Why is learning History Important for Children !

Dear Friends ! I was going through this wonderful article in The Hindu today . This describes importance of History in our life and why should it be learned from Childhood . Please read a portion of the long article that I have copied for all of us .

Here it goes :

The importance of history

Schooling adds a dimension to culture that we do not quite understand. As public institutions, schools carry many burdens the society is not always aware of. Government schools cope with bureaucratic norms and private schools cope with parental pressure to maintain heightened competition. The natural sciences bear the brunt of this pressure. For the growing middle class, including the vast multitude of first-generation educated, science and mathematics represent the golden route to high income jobs in medicine and engineering, including information technology. The social sciences and humanities do not figure in this landscape, yet they also suffer the consequences of the command that the entrance test culture wields over schools.

Although history has no place in the competitive culture of education, its importance in shaping the larger political ethos of the country remains undiminished. Children depend on adults to learn about the past, and that is what makes history the most challenging school subject. Ironically, poorly taught history matters even more than well-taught history, simply because when history does not arouse curiosity or impart the tools of analysis, it creates an emotional barrier for further inquiry.

Krishna Kumar is a former director of the NCERT

ଆଜି ପୁସ୍ତକ ପ୍ରେମୀ ଦିବସ

Build Confidence by Regular Self Development

When your mind is laser-focused on your day ahead, you will have the confidence to conquer any obstacle that stands in your way. However, it’s important to keep in mind that fear never goes away.

Your daily self-development will give you the confidence to stand up to fear, but it’s always lurking and waiting for the moment of weakness to pounce.

Don’t give fear that opportunity!  Commit to daily self-development that will refill your confidence tank every morning.

New species found in India

Good News
As many as 539 new species of plants and animals were discovered by scientists and taxonomists in India in 2017 .It’s a big plus for Biodiversity of the country ..
Source : The Hindu Dt.6-6-18
Koraputonline says : The report speaks about the findings of Western Ghats and Himalayas .Don’t know if any research was done in the Eastern Ghats including the Deomali range .Hope researchers would pay attention towards this possibility next time .

On a Bicycle to Amarnath as Gratitude to Jawans of Defence Force

He is Maddi Dandasi , selling Tea and Idlies on the roadside in front of Main Post office , Koraput .Few days back while watching a programme on Indian Defence Force guarding the boarders in the chilling atmosphere of Himalayas , his heart filled with gratitude for their heroic service .With such a realisation he has now planning to go to Amarnath from Koraput on a bicycle to spread awareness on the Heroic Act by Indian Defence Force .He asked me this evening to share the road map for his journey from Google .He had already made an expedition on bicycle to Sabarimala in Kerala last year .I was deeply impressed with his patriotism .Salute to Dandasi .