Why do Audience for your Blog are Important !

Dear Friends !

Your blog might exist but not in the minds of any other people but yourself. You need an audience – and you write your posts for that audience. Keep that in mind.

Some bloggers think blogging is about writing what the want to write about. And, sure you can do that. But if you want an audience, a successful blog , you have to think about your audience first – and all the time actually:

  • what would they want to read
  • where can you find them
  • how can you make them aware of your blog
  • what can you sell to them…

So Friends ! Start your Blog ( May be Micro Blogging like Facebook , Twitter etc) and also find suitable audience for your blog . Have Lots of Qualitative  Fun …

If you want to be a Good Journalist ….

Good Journalists learn how to produce great stories through trial and error. In the beginning, they would sometimes reach post-production and realize the story did not work.
It’s important to allow yourself to make these mistakes as a part of greater learning and over the time you’ll have a much easier time producing great stories .
Have great production Dear Friends ! .